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Wood Finishes

Stained Wood - Popular Finishes

The timber from which a piece of furniture is made is one consideration and the grain of that particular timber can't be changed, but the colour of the timber can be stained in a number of ways to create the desired effect.


The samples shown here illustrate how the same piece of timber, in this case European Oak, can be stained in a number of finishes. In addition to the stains shown more contemporary colours can be used from white through to blue, green, yellow or black.


This shows only some of the more common wood finishes we apply, others are available, and we can recommend suitable finishes to suit your particular piece of furniture. The choice is yours.

Base timber is European Oak

Unstained Eurpean Oak
Light Oak Stained European Oak
Golden Oak Stained European Oak
Natural Mahogany Stained European Oak
Brown Mahogany Stained European Oak
Dark Rich Mahogany Stained European Oak
Dark Oak Stained European Oak
Rosewood Stained European Oak


Light Oak

Golden Oak

Natural Mahogany

Brown Mahogany

Dark Rich Mahogany

Dark Oak


Limed Finish

As an alternative to staining you may wish to consider a limed finish, where the grain is opened up and a paste or wax of a contrasting colour is rubbed into the surface, accentuating the grain. The sample shown here is natural European Oak.

Limed Finish on European Oak
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