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About Us

The Workshop, The Process

The Workshop

Manufacturing since 1989 and owned by Alick Burt, we produce handcrafted furniture to order using the very best materials and techniques available. Design plays an important part in the way we work together with our clients to ensure the finished article is exactly as envisioned. We create beautiful furniture for every room of your home and it is often personalised in some way with carved or inlayed details or maybe just because it has been coloured or designed with mouldings that match your existing furniture.


Bespoke cabinet during the build process
Design detailed drawings
Inlay detail on cabinet door

Design & Commission Process

To many people commissioning a piece of furniture is an entirely new process so let me explain how it works.

1. The Design Brief

First I discuss your requirements to get an idea of the size of piece and then we work through features like the number of doors or drawers it may have and decorative details like mouldings cornice wood turnings or inlay. In some cases a phone call or a few emails will be sufficient and in others I may visit your home discuss it in person and take measurements.

2. Drawings Quotations & Estimates

Once I have the design brief information I will use this to create a quotation and if required a drawing. When it comes to drawings in some cases all that is needed is a rough sketch and in others I made need to produce several sheets of designs it depends upon the complexity of the project and I will advise you accordingly. In some cases it is not possible to produce an exact quotation and in these cases I will provide an estimate. Once you make the decision  to go ahead with your project I take a non refundable deposit.(typically 50% of the total).

3. The Making of Your Piece of Furniture

Cabinet making is an exacting and careful process undertaken with great skill and attention to detail.
I use tried and tested techniques and methods to make your furniture relying on traditional joints and  modern adhesives to create furniture that will last for generations.
In the digital age it is easy for me to provide you with work in progress pictures and I love to do this as it shows my clients exactly how their furniture is made. Many are surprised by just how much work is involved!

If you save these pictures you will have a permanent record of your piece being made and once it is finished or if fitted reaches the ready to fit stage I take my second payment.(Typically 50% or 40% if still to be fitted.)

4. Fitting & Delivery/Collection

Once your furniture is ready for delivery and or fitting I will let you know so we can agree a fitting or delivery date. The fitting of pieces can range from a few days to several weeks depending on the amount of work involved but as an example a bookcase fitted in an alcove typically takes around two to three days. The final payment (typically 10%) usually comes on completion of this fitting process unless there are delays outside my control in which case I may require it before returning at a later date to finish off.

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